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What is a prefabricated optical fiber connector? What is its use?

2019-08-29 17:20:27 .

Conventional ordinary optical fiber connectors or fused optical fibers are externally connected with special materials. The optical fiber connectors that can be used under harsh conditions are called prefabricated optical fiber connectors.

Characteristics of a product

The contact parts adopt standard MT plug-in interface. The maximum MT plug-in interface can reach 24 cores, which has reliable performance, simple operation and high integration.

Stainless steel SUS316 material production, anti-corrosion, good mechanical properties;

Mechanical thread locking mechanism can ensure long-term reliable connection.

The guide positioning pin is designed, which can be used to connect and install simply and quickly with one-hand blind insertion.

Sealing design: Dust-proof, waterproof features, protection level can reach IP67;

Small shape, easy operation, strong and durable;

The perforated seal design can fix the socket connector on the equipment by screw.

No need to weld, plug and play, convenient and fast;

Optical cable components can be made into various standard forms of connectors, suitable for various use requirements; components with armoured optical cable, compressive and durable

Two application of products

Fiber optic cable components can be customized to different cable lengths and different connector combinations according to actual needs. One end of the fiber optic cable components connecting the optical terminal or the optical transceiver module can be processed into all standard fiber optic connectors (such as ST, LC, SC, etc.). Cancel the optical cable welding, plug and play, improve product reliability, shorten the construction period, save costs.

Fiber optic cable components use low smoke, halogen-free, metal armoured, non-metal reinforced core, rodent bite prevention, environmental protection, no toxic substances, flame retardant, self-extinguishing material optical cable. It is suitable for indoor/outdoor environment and meets the requirements of IEC 60794-1-2. The cable tension is not less than 1500N and the pressure resistance is not less than 1000N/cm.

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