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Molex proclaim push-off Easy-On FFC/FPC connector

2018-12-04 13:34:19 admin

Connector is CONNECTOR. It is also called connector, plug and socket in China. Usually refers to electrical connectors. That is to say, a device connecting two active devices to transmit current or signals. Connector brands include Canamey, Newtrick, Toshiba, Molex and so on.

Connector structure generally consists of three parts: contact parts, base and shell. There are also many connectors (contactors and pedestals) consisting of two parts. The main function of contact parts is conduction signal. Generally, copper is used as material, because copper has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity and machinability at the same time. The main function of the base is to support the contact parts and insulation. The general material is resin, which has excellent electrical properties, thermal properties and light weight. The main function of the shell is to shield and protect the base. Generally, there are many materials, such as copper, steel, aluminum and so on. Benefits of connectors: 1. Improve production process: connectors simplify the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the batch production process; 2. Easy maintenance: if an electronic component fails, it can replace the failed components quickly when it is equipped with connectors; 3. Easy upgrade: with the progress of technology, when it is equipped with connectors, it can update the components and replace the old ones with the new and more perfect ones; 4. Increase the flexibility of design: using connectors. Connectors provide engineers with greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products and in composing systems with components. Main performance of connector: electrical performance (contact resistance, rated current, maximum voltage, insulation resistance, high frequency electrical performance), mechanical performance (insertion force and pullout force, vibration and impact, anti-misinsertion, durability (life), environmental performance (working temperature, high temperature resistance, humidity, chemical corrosion, soldering tin) Sex)

Connection modes of connectors: pressing type, pressing type, welding type and inserting type

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